Back to the Bible/Jeevithaalokaya/Sathyavasanam was incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 17 of 1972, to teach the message of the Christian scriptures using diverse media and technology.

We operate as a not-for-profit Christian service organization, funded by donations from individuals, churches, and other organizations within Sri Lanka and abroad who share our vision and commitment.

We have served the people of Sri Lanka since 1955, offering a variety of services and disseminating resources in Sinhala, Tamil, and English. In our over 55 years of operation, Back to the Bible/Jeevithaalokaya/Sathyavasanam has been of service to many thousands of individuals from every part of the country and all walks of life; speaking all national languages; and hailing from diverse geographical, religious, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds.

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