We have 1,200 members in our children’s club, a primary vehicle of our children’s ministries. In addition, others who benefit include audiences of the Sinhala-language radio programme for children from diverse religious backgrounds. We also present a Sinhala-language Christian radio programme for young people from Christian family backgrounds.

‘Kurulu Uyana Lamaa Samaajaya’ is our children’s club for Sinhala-language speakers. It enjoys a membership of over 1,000 children of the ages 12 to 16 from across the country, many of whom have benefited from Back to the Bible/Jeevithaalokaya/Sathyavasanam radio programmes. As over 90% of these children tend to be from families which are non-Christian, we ensure that they become members only with the express consent of their parents. We also reach these children through a bimonthly magazine (‘Kurulu Kedella’) in addition to interacting with them via an annual art, essay, poetry, and song competition; and an annual gathering for them and their parents.

‘Kurulu Kedella’ is a 15-minute radio programme for children from all religious backgrounds. This programme has received recognition in the form of both awards as well as affirmation from children and positive feedback from their parents. The station on which we air this programme has requested us to increase its duration, which we hope to do no sooner the requisite finances become available.

‘Kithunu Lamaa Hamuwa’ is a 30-minute radio programme for Christian children. The Government of Sri Lanka provides the airtime free of charge for this programme, and it is broadcast once in two weeks over the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, which is a network that has an island-wide reach.

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