Teaching the message of the Christian scriptures through various forms of media and technology

Listen to Diri Dahara online Radio Broadcasting​

Diri Dhara is 24×7 hour online radio channel in Sinhala language.

Listen and experience the joy, courage and refreshment
through music, messages, drama, prayer and reading the Scriptures.

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Are bi monthly publishing teaching magazines in English, Sinhala and Tamil languages by Back to the Bible.

Mobile Apps

We have ventured into using mobile apps as a means of distributing our ministry content.

Through two recently developed mobile apps (now available via Google Store and soon to be in iStore, too), we make our MoBible Bible messages and our DiriDhara web radio programming available to global audiences.

“We need to encourage ourselves, and our fellow believers – by our word our example – to shape our lives based not on what “Pastor X said” or what “Prophet Y said” NOR on having ‘a sense of peace’ about something or hearing an audible voice ‘from God’, but on what GOD ACTUALLY SAID, as accessible to us in the Bible.”

~ Mayukha Perera
(Managing Director)

Our Vision

To serve the people of Sri Lanka by helping to build up
a Bible-believing, Scripture-centred community of faith,
through a series of ministries and services,
using media and technology strategically to teach the Word of God
to new and growing believers.
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