We have over 15,000 active students following our Tamil- and Sinhala-language correspondence courses. This ministry provides our correspondents with structured material designed to strengthen their faith through understanding the Bible better. It also offers seekers from other faiths the opportunity to study the Scriptures and discover what the Gospel means in the privacy of their homes – before taking the public step of meeting with a Christian to discuss their faith, if they so desire, or simply visit a church or even attend any other Christian event.

These courses also help new and growing Christians to learn the Word of God and mature in their faith. Tens of thousands of students have taken our correspondence courses over the past five decades, and presently we have around 22,500 registered correspondents throughout the country. Several of our alumni have come to faith through this ministry, some of whom have gone on to be ordained or serve in lay ministries within the Church in Sri Lanka as well as overseas.

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