We work in a truly pluralistic society. Sri Lanka is home to some 22 million people from a diversity of cultures and faiths, from Sinhalese Buddhists to Tamil Hindus to Muslim Malays and Moors, among other races and religions. They are essentially spiritual, and are usually interested in – if not always open to – the message of Christianity. There is growing opportunity for the many millions of islanders who have not heard the full gospel of Jesus Christ to engage with the word of God in general and the teachings of Jesus Christ in particular to do so.

At Back to the Bible/Jeevithaalokaya/Sathyavasanam, we provide these people from all religious and cultural backgrounds a chance to read and hear the Christian scriptures, and engage with Christ’s teachings – in the privacy of their homes, if they prefer it that way, until they may be ready to make a decision or a commitment.

We work as a partner and a supporter of the Church in Sri Lanka: providing resources in Tamil, Sinhala, and English, to equip Christian ministers for service; and helping new and growing believers to lay the foundations of solid Bible study that will build up their daily practice of discipleship in a strong and sustainable way.

We work among the significantly large and ever-growing Sri Lankan Diaspora, providing published material and other strategic resources to meet the ministry needs that arise in the context of migration and employment overseas.

We work to build bridges with – and then among – potential believers in neighbouring countries, sharing resources across land and sea to make disciples at home and abroad.

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