These are the means by which Back to the Bible/Jeevithaalokaya/Sathyavasanam goes out to places across the island that we usually reach only through our broadcasts, publications, telephone calls, and correspondence courses.

Conferences are one-day events through which we strengthen the local church by reaching leaders in the field to build them up as servants of the people, and also by teaching new and growing believers wherever they may be. These conferences are generally held in rural areas where people do not have easy access to the material and the facilities we supply. Such conferences serve to equip and encourage local pastors and leaders in their respective ministries, and also help to foster fellowship and unity among a network of churches.

Rallies are one-off events for the purpose of instilling in our audiences the values and principles that help to make Sri Lanka a morally and ethically oriented society. They also serve to fulfil our objectives related to evangelistic outreach, by sowing the fundamentals of the faith as seed. These rallies are conducted for students of our correspondence courses, their friends and family members, and other youth from local churches. Such rallies are mostly organised in cities, towns, and villages where a large number of our correspondence course students and radio audiences live.

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