We began our existence as a one-man ministry, with a faithful radio broadcaster working out of a spare bedroom in a family home in Colombo that doubled up as a makeshift studio.

Since those pioneering days, back in the mid-1950s, Back to the Bible broadcast Ceylon flourished and grew, soon reaching Ceylonese homes all over the island and listeners as far away as northern India with regular programmes in English, Sinhala, and Tamil.

Now, some 57 years since our founding, we continue to engage individuals in Sri Lanka, the South Asian region, and the world at large through our broadcasts, as well as via a series of publications and a host of other resources.

Then, our modus operandi was to take the word of God to people in the privacy of their homes using shortwave radio, bringing them into closer contact with the Bible.

Today, our respect for intrinsic human dignity and the personal preferences of individuals remains intact – because we value people in God’s kingdom. But the manner in we reach and serve them has grown in terms of means, methods, and impact.

While remaining part of the Back to the Bible family worldwide, our principal commitment is to serve the people of our country according to their needs.

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